Danni Bayn

Data Science, Cognitive Psychology, SAS Automation




I'm a passionate researcher and a skilled data scientist, always looking for new and better ways to understand the sheer flood of data we all face in today's world. I'm well versed in Psychology, Experimental Design, Statistics, Consumer Insights, and Behavioral Economics.  

Additionally, I'm an experienced programmer who uses SAS, SQL, and Perl on a daily basis for Data Visualization, Statistical Analyses, and Automation. 

I earned my PhD in Cognitive Psychology at the University of MN (Twin Cities) with a minor in Cognitive Science.  I have a proven track record of success in a variety of industries and positions with a highly organized and results based approach. I'm known for creative and agile solutions and building solid interpersonal relationships within all levels of a company.

I reside near Milwaukee where I work in Consumer Insights at Kohls and am a volunteer instructor for Girls Who Code, an organization that helps girls (and boys) between 4th and 12th grades learn to program in Python, CSS, HTML, and Javaccript

Specialties: SAS, Report and Dashboard design, Automation, SQL, Cognitive Psychology, Behavioral Economics, Perl, Data Analysis, Consumer Insights, Assessment and Institutional Research, Public Speaking, and Knowing Random bits of Trivia.

For the full Resume / CV please visit my LinkedIn page here. 

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